Evil Schemes Ltd is interested in creative mischief, social experimentation and epic adventures that group people together.

  • It champions remarkable cultural experiences that are meaningful and facilitate social cohesion
  • It promotes social science and the revenge of the Humanities
  • It encourages being playful and applying imaginative vision to CTRL + SHIFT + ALT the world where possible


A creative speaker and food series for diaspora communities. Our events celebrate the stories of changemakers from untapped global communities and call them to action. Special events are organised to bring doers together, to share stories and projects with the purpose of making the next day better.

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A month-long pervasive reality urban game played in cities all across the world. This watergun tournament is based on Steve Jackson’s Killer: The Game of Assassination – but was adapted into a 24/7 month-long format by Franz Aliquo & Yutai Liao in 2004.

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A charity and aspirations agency on a mission to help young people flourish. Using coaching, technology and collaborative events, co-creators are given the opportunities to unleash their potential and harness it towards a fulfilling present & future.

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UniPro Summit: Rise, 2013

An annual conference  that takes place in New York City during the same weekend as the annual Philippine Independence Day Celebration Parade. The purpose of Summit is to provide a safe space for honest dialogue among young Pilipinos from throughout the world.

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30ish Me

A community of professional women aged 28-45, we are a provocative, candid online magazine. We inspire women to know better, feel better, love better and live better by turning things upside down. Community first, lifestyle bloggers and the 30ish family second, businesses third.

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Shoot Experience

An experiential photography organisation founded in 2005 that produced interactive workshops, exhibitions and popular story-telling treasure hunts. Partners include the National Portrait Gallery, Tate Modern, the British Council as well as other clients like Olympus and Becks.

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Philippine Generations

A volunteer nonprofit organisation dedicated to promoting the Philippines, its culture and people in the UK. In collaboration with partners, we organize events designed to educate, inspire and enrich British Filipino communities.

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Tate Modern: Raw Canvas

An education initiative that offered a full year’s programme for young adults aged 15 – 23. Participants are invited to draw on their personal experience and knowledge when thinking about and interpreting works of art.

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