writings on the wall

My activist friend Leah,
she’s this space hijacker yeah,
Posts on her Facebook wall
about a concrete fence 26 feet tall;
A barrier partitioning Israel and Palestine.
So I announce on my timeline:
I’ll make the yuletide pilgrimage,
with the playful intent,
of committing artful sacrilege.
Off I went,
on the 5th day of Christmas,
yours truly brought with me,
gold and yellow acrylic paint!
My motive more old nick than saint,
The unrehearsed plan was,
typically mischievous admittedly,
to throw coloured water balloons or create a five pointz star.
Though I couldn’t do either, got close, but no cigar.

In the ladies loo at Waterstones, liquid bombs were tricky to prepare.
Then a text via phone and friend, notified me to beware,
Stewards said spray cans are forbidden from use,
to which I recoiled with verbal abuse.
Apparently you have to be a ‘professional graffiti artist’?
My scheme foiled, and feeling dismissed,
I bounced with my friends to the pub in disgust, and discussed,
Not being allowed my idea of representation,
poor website communication, and talk about suppression.
I just wanted to have some neutral fun.
The incident only incited that a second attempt be done.

Now this Bethlehem themed project, quite a controversial concept,
Of course it would be, and in more ways than one.
It certainly got me thinking beyond the silly plan that I begun.
Amidst the celebratory revelry, continues rituals of serious acrimony,
Suffering inflicted by rivalry, cries of nationality and agony.
Calling it ‘Unwrapped’
is metaphorically rather apt.
I studied it in the past, for A-level many years ago, and as histories go,
You still can’t wrap up this present conflict.
Deadlocked in defense, both emotionally gripped,
inherited through generations, narrated in Hebrew and Arabic script.

What is the point of messages on a wall?
Will writing achieve or change anything at all?
Captured on video or photos by people who saw it and came.
Whether people like it or don’t, it’s a shared social object all the same.

On the 5th of January, the last Christmas day,
I returned to the same holy site, with a reformed mission to spray.
Determined to succeed, veni, vidi, vici!
Armed with stencils and permission, I marked my graffiti.
Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin
What does it mean?
Numbered, Weighed, Divided
It’s all biblically decided.