TSK (the sandwich king)

Have to do
Whatever floats our boat.
You kayak, I canoe.
By the narrow waterway you dared plunge for a kiss,
yet that moment I deflected,
You, rejected.
a repeat offender, aye,
to the insult added,
an injured cheek!
for your heat-seeking, a ball of hot wax that did not miss,
taken from the very candle where moths circulate the flame.

Eventually enough, with more substance we ignited,
our separate slices came together all the same,
inserted with desired fillings and feelings,
satisfied, for that time, being.

A bit of cheese, and the right portions of ham,
my lips smucker for peanut butter with jelly it’s true,
it was coco nuts jam,
and nutella too.
Mouths melting, minds melding,
spice and everything nice,
until a too sudden surprise,
it all became questionable,
but can you bring home the bacon?

Paul McCartney once sang
what good is butter if you haven’t got bread?
what good is heart when it hurts your head?
I wrote before, how I stomach thee,
though sweetbreads are indeed tasty delights,
dEUS lyrics state only love is the real sugar.
I need something stronger, baby
Can you provide?
Sure one royally enjoys fancy afternoon tea
but I Love
pure and simply
I’ll toast to that.
I was raised on pandesal don’t you know?

It is said man cannot live on bread
but on every word that God speaks.
and God is divine.
and God is love.
A Gift of God, is the essence of a man, define how that means.
Still a past presented you as some god’s gift to women, which demeans.
Pray tell what is thy real name.
I thought I recognised you at the bus stop.
It was only a mirage,
a poster for cereal, which rhymes with serial.
It’s time I brake, fast.
Milk’s been spilled, limits spent, and it’s Lent, so I’m giving you up once and for all.