signal to noise

a book full of faces, networks of cyber spaces
most relations web basis with connections as crazes.

twitter me this, and feeder me that.
txt spk lyk dis btw makes you sound like a prat.

emails and letters are alphabetically better,
but DM converts them into junk mail, paper litter.

the phones that we bring, we cling to, ring! ring!
voices after the tones, busy silent or screening.

buzz buzz, beep beep,
Light years away, at roadrunner’s pace, or asleep.

there’s a chime, is that the time.
drop a line, get off the dime.

You say.
I only hear what I want to.
I talk so all the time.
Is it me you’re looking for?
I just called
to say
how much I care

I love you
And I mean it

from the bottom of my cardiovascular blog post.