I like words.

TSK (the sandwich king)

We Have to do Whatever floats our boat. You kayak, I canoe. By the narrow waterway you dared plunge for a kiss, yet that moment I deflected, You, rejected. a repeat offender, aye, to the insult added, an injured cheek! for your heat-seeking, a ball of hot wax that did not miss, taken from the … Continue reading TSK (the sandwich king)

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signal to noise

a book full of faces, networks of cyber spaces most relations web basis with connections as crazes. twitter me this, and feeder me that. txt spk lyk dis btw makes you sound like a prat. emails and letters are alphabetically better, but DM converts them into junk mail, paper litter. the phones that we bring, … Continue reading signal to noise

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she’s rubik

Small toy. Colourful. Three dimensional. Product from 1980. A puzzle. Tricky for many, not for some. Variety of patterns. Dynamic combinations. Portable, operational, hand-held. Square. But also cubic. Miniature pieces, though together and intact. In constant rotation. Moving. 43,252,003,274,489,856,000 possibilities and permutations. Solutions in twenty five or fewer moves. Why bother. Futile exercise. He, the … Continue reading she’s rubik

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i stomach thee

I once bemoaned to Lucy, “Love sucks”. To which she promptly replied, “No, Love swallows”. The smutty connotation is obvious enough. Her 5 cents worth of witticism makes sense. Love is internalised. Those alleged butterflies. The feeling of being gutted. Love is consumption, taking the bait hook line and sinker, believed in. We accept it, … Continue reading i stomach thee

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pag ibig sabihin mo

Yung kaibigan at ang ka-ibigan, saan ang simula, saan ang katapusan? At ang halaga ng kasiyahan, kanino to sa nagmamahalan? Bakit kahit may kapiling na, minsan ito ay kulang pa At kapag naliligaw, siguradong lumilitaw, ibang nalilibang na manliligaw? Ano ang dapat na gawin, kapag malayo ang tingin… Ang ayaw at hinahanap, mga pangarap at … Continue reading pag ibig sabihin mo

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writings on the wall

My activist friend Leah, she’s this space hijacker yeah, Posts on her Facebook wall about a concrete fence 26 feet tall; A barrier partitioning Israel and Palestine. So I announce on my timeline: I’ll make the yuletide pilgrimage, with the playful intent, of committing artful sacrilege. Off I went, on the 5th day of Christmas, … Continue reading writings on the wall

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