Being eevilmidget

The fact that evil is nothing positive does not of course mean that is has no positive effects.” – Terry Eagleton

If well-behaved women seldom make history, then it is a truth universally acknowledged, that a woman of short stature in possession of the names queen and eevilmidget must be in pursuit of world domination, or at least royal trouble.

However, Rina is no villain.
She doesn’t actually encourage becoming a despot, but believes in a life of non-conformity that Chris Guillebeau wrote about in A Brief Guide to World Domination.

As per Hugh McLeod’s book Evil Plans: Having Fun on the Road to World Domination:

“World domination is about everybody living in their own little world. The planet is just too damn big for one person to take it all in. So every human being seeks out their own little microcosm, and these are the worlds that we want to dominate.”

Rina isn’t evil either.
The moniker was bestowed by a friend from university, because she was frequently plotting activities, which involved playful mischief and maniacal laughter. Her diminutive height of course lent itself to such an unconventional handle.

If evil prevails because good men do nothing, maybe it’s also because wicked people are always up to something. As a social engineer, Rina is a resourceful slasher when it comes to world optimisation. She writes, talks, sings, dances, is game for projects, and does far too many things she’s told she can’t and shouldn’t do.

There’s also some podcast interviews you can listen to for some context if you like.

One thought on “Being eevilmidget

  1. Ok, now I know how eevilmidget evolved. The double “E” is a triple relief. But I can’t forget the complex explanation you once told, that because “the truly evil people” never stop plotting their reign of darkness, that good people too should never rest and should likewise work for world domination, in order to keep the netherworld at bay. So thanks for seeing the light about using Eevilmidget against the forces of darkness, and for having the bravado to use “Evil Schemes,” to mean endeavors for the Good, and building a team of heroes to Save the World.”

    Yes, daughter. My sense of Reconciliation, defines how the darkness of evil, brings Goodness to light.

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