What is this?

Hello there.
This is the portfolio of Rina Atienza – a social engineer, cultural producer and historian.

She is the founder of Evil Schemes Ltd, a ‘company’ created to playfully push boundaries and challenge the status quo. Here you will find information about projects and ideas she deems worthwhile.

The blog documents her journey of a life filled with curiosity, commentary, and stranger-than-fiction urban fairytales. It also explores thoughts about how society could benefit with more world domination attitudes.

“There are hybrid people in London; modern magicians, casting spells of hopes in a violent world. And that’s the case with Rina Atienza aka @eevilmidget, a crazy phenomenon full of fireballs and ecstatic energy.” – Hit-Bag.Com


Evil Schemes Ltd is interested in creative mischief, social experimentation and epic adventures that group people together.

  • It champions remarkable cultural experiences that are meaningful and facilitate social cohesion
  • It promotes social science and the revenge of the Humanities
  • It encourages being playful and applying imaginative vision to CTRL + SHIFT + ALT the world where possible