Dad & Duterte

Dearest Papa,

I sincerely understand how one will feel impatient and frustrated, that the Philippines is not dramatically improving with regards to the crime rate, traffic, corruption and poverty.

Yet we must continue to have faith in our people.

Each of us must individually find the courage to realise we are powerful agents with the abilities and resources to do what is right, in order to make our present and future more fulfilling than the past of yesterdays.

This big CHANGE, is not the task of one man or woman, but many; all of us are responsible. Moreover, evolution takes time.

Collectively, with our diversity, we really can tackle the problems we face by contributing in small multiplied miraculous ways.

It is also important to be aware, that this is not a Filipino crisis, but a global one. We are not alone in our outcry for justice and urgent renewal of the social contract. You will find the same demands for transformation in the US, the UK and beyond. The world is populated with communities and citizens that have been, and remain, overwhelmingly disappointed and betrayed by their governments.

In your irritated mood, you disparagingly called me an ‘idealist’. Surely we must uphold a standard that represents the better, if not best versions of a society that we want? Reality is already plagued with numerous demons from Pandora’s box. We must have hope, and brace our sturdy hearts to accept hardships as the pathway to peace.

Many years ago, you persisted in instructing me with a quote by Viktor Frankl, that if we are to be the light, we must endure the burning.

That is all I want to remind you, with regards to the political hysteria that is happening right now.

We must not allow ourselves, in times of despair and desperation, to be seduced by drastic means for drastic ends.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness. Only light can do that.”

You prayed for something radical to happen, to alleviate the degraded state of these islands. Am I not here? Did I not leave the comforts of London so that I might be of service and help in whatever way I can?

Stand with me, in the choice and spiritual battle, to fight for the humanity that we value, one that is entrenched in having compassion, respecting life in all its forms, and in charitable giving.

Fear is our enemy. Love always wins.
Together we will make the difference that we both seek.


One thought on “Dad & Duterte

  1. My dear Rinabelle,
    To be absolutely clear, as a matter of principle, I said I would not vote for Duterte simply because he plans to bury Marcos on hallowed ground, paving the way for re-writing history against the horrors and mortal sins that remain. But I did say that I believe Duterte will win, because he has been able to do what Trapos always promise, and the majority of people I poll, are willing to sacrifice Duterte’s shortcomings, in favor of the priorities that he represents, that so many believe the government should address. And so, it is not my vote that I spoke about, but the meaning of the popular vote for Duterte, and that this is a revolutionary vote, the tide if which the likes of my moral stand, cannot overcome.

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