How’s your Love Life?


On 4th May 2000, an e-mail bearing the title I LOVE YOU began popping up in computers in Asia. It contained an attachment that when opened destroyed graphics and other files, whilst the message replicated by sending itself to all other addresses in a computer’s database. Within hours, it spread across Europe and the US, with the news headlines: Love bug virus creates worldwide chaos.

The creator, was a hacker from the Philippines, where every one loves love stories – from telenovelas to karaoke songs, and more recently, the social media phenomenon called AlDub.

Having returned to Manila, friends have begun introducing me as someone from London, additionally tagging “she’s single”. Why bother with dating apps when you have pinoys pimp-peddling your status eh? Since Valentine’s Day is just round the corner, I might as well follow the theme and write about my cardiovascular condition.

It was my birthday yesterday, and of course one’s Facebook timeline was where celebratory greetings were exchanged. It was wonderful to receive numerous messages of affection and well wishes, and can confirm happily, that I am absolutely loving life, right here, right now.

The national anthem of the Philippines contains the following lyrics:
Alab ng puso, sa dibdib mo’y buhay” – This translates to ‘flaming heart, in your chest is alive’, and it’s definitely my emoticon of the year. I am ON FIRE!

To clarify, being in this blissful state, is not simply because I’m on some ‘vacation’ mode and beach hopping around. I chose some time ago, to unsubscribe from the industrial templates of working bloody hard most of the time, then only holidaying when we’re fatigued.

There is a beautiful expression for employment in Tagalog – hanap buhay – which literally means ‘search for life’. Unfortunately, due to urban programming, its magic has been neglected, as people single-mindedly pursue salary-paying jobs. [I recommend reading Life’s Work]

My decision to leave The Big Smoke, was to go free-range and work on achieving Sustainable Lunacy. Thus far, I have found appointment with a company called TrainStation. I’ve also been learning how to play guitar starting with chords for George Michael’s ‘Last Christmas’, and heartily throwing myself into various adventures – such as rock climbing and Kundalini yoga!

As for whether there is a ‘love interest’, I’ll go with the joke that I’m on a long-distance relationship, because my partner-in-crime is still time travelling in the future. Clyde knows where to find Bonnie.

Meanwhile, I am bursting with gratitude for everything that has been, and the surprises yet to come. Plus, there’s exciting world domination plans to tend to:

Finally, because it’s Lent, how about not quitting anything, but instead giving 40acts of kindness and generosity?


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