The controversial ‘C’ word


No spoilers, except for the revealing title.

The Force Awakens.
Everyone excited like kids on a festive yuletide day.
This Star phenomenon is trending globally, while the human species is at wars with itself, and the planet on a climatic T-minus countdown, spiralling into doomed destruction.

The future dystopia of the movies we love to watch is our world today.
Not exactly according to script, though just as fubar, if not worse because it’s real.

We look to colonising Mars.
We gaze at launches into space.
A beauty pageant appointing temporary queens still hits our radar – perhaps an out-dated ritual, yet a viral reminder of how far we have yet to universally achieve when Earthlings are still happily selfie-absorbed with vanity metrics.

Younglings are dying, the result of fleeing imperial airstrikes and war-games of thrones. Isis is not an Egyptian goddess, but a black flag worshipped by armed rebels willing to die and sacrifice sinful innocents for their cause. Have you got the fear?

For each a road
For every man, a religion
Face everybody and rule

We’re all pagan creeds and corrupt republics.
Take my money, merchandise.
Masks and costumes worn, heroes and villains adorn.
Light-sabres wielded for geek points, but who will be bearers of light against despair?

That boy is our last hope?
No. There is another.

With compassion and courage, may each one of us change the miseries of the human condition, through the joy, strength, vitality and love within all of us.

There are stories about what happened.
It’s true. All of it.
If you believe in all things seen and unseen…

Hark! Hear ye, the gospel according to Luke.
The Christmas Radiance at Night.

May the true spirit of this designated season* be with you, always.

The reason of the season is goodwill to all mankind. This was written to draw parallels with regards to fanaticism of ‘forces’ that cannot be seen, but felt. Of enduring myths/legends we embrace, because it pushes our humanity, that gives us hope. The power of a story, and not the franchise or corporate institution.

(Image sourced from this tweet)

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