The Writing’s On The Wall, or Blog, or Facebook

Destiny is when…
You discover
that your childhood MJ-obsessed FFF1 (Franco-Filipina Friend)
with the Department of Tourism
arrives in The Big Smoke,
on the day your other FFF2 (First Filipina Frenemy)
officially becomes a British Citizen.
Because #migrantsmatter

The 3 of Us,
the Top Nerds of the school we-loved-the-best that sounds like jism,
we’ll be wickedly cackling together til sunrise
for White Mischief’s Heaven and Hell Halloween Ball
– a geisha, a black cat and the queen of hearts
(insert emojis here)

I’m spending my last month,
An art and history tour guide
maybe it’s because I’m a Londoner

and I’ll end with time travelling to GMT ground 0
to say hi and goodbye to Samuel Pepys
for Plague, Fire and Revolution
hash*. tag. world domination

Going Underground,
to the industrial Evil Lair 2.0
disguised as a suspect concrete Job Centre Plus,
with the rainbow logo of a ghetto borough council,
here be unicorns, dragons and lions.

Goodnight moon.
Goodnight North Wheezy estate.
Goodnight Porsche and Audi.
Goodnight Big Brent Baby Bruv
and his Islamic opponent on the X-Box
“When we watching Bond with Mrs Sel Top Girl?”
Goodnight Green *Toker.
Sleep because toMOrrow you have early EDMs!


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